Message from The Secretary (Dr. T.P.Shahi)

The journey of Education through H. P. Children's Academy has become the landmark of quality & discipline-oriented education in eastern U.P. As per our motto ‘Work Is Worship’ this Institution, with its potential leaders & teachers always works hard to achieve the real goal of education, rotating around ethical, moral and all round development of students. Education means mind and body should be kept active in proper direction. Attendance & internal assessment are two valuable tools to monitor the academic progress of a student. Our aim is to teach students proper time management to lead a healthy and successful academic & physical life. Students should indulge in good hobbies in the field of sports & cultural activities.

H. P. family believes the foundation of success is attitude is attitude education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live. Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile has never done so without discipline.

From the Principal Desk (Mrs. Nishi Heizikil)

Teachers are an extremely important facet of a society. According to me teaching is not a profession but it is a mission to make the world better and enrich the young generation with knowledge. I always wanted to be a teacher because it is a timeless profession. Teachers are very important people in our lives and as far as I’m concerned. I feel spiritually connected with my teachers. The backbone of technological innovation is education, so it is extremely important that children and young adults are receiving a quality education to foster a better quality of life for all.

I feel proud to be a part of H. P. Children’s Academy and giving nineteen valuable years of my life to this institution till today we follow the system of education set by our Principal superior Ma’am T. Pinto. According to her this system is the only identity of H. P. C. A. which is very true.

Pursuit of excellence calls for an enter pressing mind, willing to learn, willing to change, willing to risk and willing to experiment. All the members of H. P. family whether the students or the staff, enjoy whatever work they do. We are aware of the present and have a desire and determination to change the future without sincere effort no one can attain excellence. We should remember that we could get valuable objects only by means of continuous effort.

 Nishi Heizikil